Floating away underwater

Here’s an image from a recent shoot I did with amazing dancer Danie Street. It was a challenge getting the balloons to go under the water enough! Danie did a great job looking peaceful while holding her breath and creating a beautiful, peaceful pose.

London based photographer, mark mawson, creates a beautiful underwater image of a girl floating with balloons.


3 thoughts on “Floating away underwater

  1. Hi Mark, first, congrats for all your amazing works!
    i´m Johnny from Brazil and I wrote my story of how I won a throat cancer.
    During the treatment I listened a lot to the Peter Gabriel´s music “washing of the water”
    and this image translates everything I’ve had during treatment.

    Hope, strength and patience to win…

    I would like to know if I can use it on the cover of my book,
    which will be donated to cancer patients to assist in recovery.
    Of course a huge thanks to you in credits 🙂

    best regards
    Johnny Cordeiro

    1. Hi Johnny

      Thank you for your message.

      That image is licensed through Getty Images and you would need to contact them regarding any usage.
      If you need any help contacting them, please let me know.

      Kind regards

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