Happy New Year

Hello everyone,

Happy New Year to you all.

Looking forward to an exciting 2012, wondering what new advancements in technology and imaging will emerge.

I’m flying out to Sydney tomorrow for about 6 weeks. I’m directing a music video and have a couple of photo shoots to do. 

All the best.


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Hi Mark…..
    I am a photography student . I went through your fantastic photography (Aqueous Fluoreau) on Facebook. Really i am very very impressed with fantastic colors. I would like to ask you that, is there any video uploaded by you as a demonstration. I would like to learn this technique from you. Is it possible for you to explain this technique in words or through any video. I will be very grateful if you share some useful information for students like us.

    Thanks and Regards
    Mayuresh Thakur

    1. Hi Mayuresh
      Thanks for your message. I’m afraid there isn’t any video showing the technique. I have spent quite a few years getting the technique right & I get asked a lot how I do it. I keep it somewhat a trade secret.

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