This makes it all worthwhile!

I received this email today & thought I’d share it. I get quite a few like this & it makes me think I must be doing something right!

“Dear Mark,
I came across your website and seriously could not take my eyes of your work! I had to express to you what impact you had on me….

The images of aqueous fluoreau and aqueous are absolutely AMAZING!!!!!
To really create real emotion, flavour soul and life is to visually want to eat it! and your photography has done that for me!

Then your underwater images, the detail, glow and luminosity…..blew my mind…and best of all EYES!!!!

Then your website, sleek and crisp like a Japanese Canvas with a beautiful composition of art work with a reason for its place….

I could seriously go on and on….your work BREATH TAKING!!!!

Thankyou for following your dreams and PASSION and sharing it with the world for dreamers and creative people like myself to purely enjoy!!

Thank you!!!!”


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