Die For You – ATTENTION! music video

Back in August I had the pleasure of directing a video for a band called ‘Die For You’ in Sydney for their track ‘Attention!’

They’re recently signed to Sunday Morning Records and are set to make a big splash in 2011, their web site is http://www.dieforyou.com.au

Their music is a cool new style of electro-tinged rock that gets its DNA from the 80’s New Romantic movement. With hooks and melodies that show a strong song-writing ability, Die For You are already becoming a hidden viral secret to Generation Next who are rapidly adding the band to their Facebook & Twitter.

But it’s their Live following that’s exciting which is slowly building through an underground buzz as people get to know their energetic and quirky brand of New Romantic Rock.

This video introduces the band, they are:

Robbie Whelan – Vocals / Bass, Sinj Clarke – Synth / BV, Jett – Guitar / BV, Chris Smith – Drums


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